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Established in 2008, I’ve been a full time professional wedding photographer for over 10 years. I do this year around and I love every minute of it. Nothing brings me more joy than to capture beautiful memories of your friends and family coming together to celebrate your wedding day. 

Ever wonder why your friends photographs took so long to be delivered? Most other “photographers” have 9-5 jobs on top of trying to shoot weddings and events. This is why their turnaround time is anywhere from 6 months to a year before your ever see your wedding photographs. Not me! You receive your galleries and wedding albums in a very reasonable amount of time.

PRO TIP: Ask your photographer how long they have been in business and if this is their full time career. If it’s not, that’s a good warning sign you’re going to wait a long time to see your images. Pass and go with a professional photographer who does this 24/7. My photography business is my full time career and I guarantee fast delivery of all client galleries and engagement/wedding albums.


Since the start of my business over 10 years ago, I have worked tirelessly to deliver quality work time and time again. With over 500 events photographed, there is literally nothing I can’t handle. Dark churches, cramped spaces, rainy wedding days and less than ideal lighting conditions. No problem! From Weddings to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, to Quinceaneras and Sweet 16 Parties, I’ve shot them all and done it with a smile. 

PRO TIP: Ask your photographer how many events they have photographed. Were they the main photographer on these events? Were they simply a 2nd shooter working for another studio that isn’t even their own? If they can’t tell you an accurate number, that’s a good warning sign they lack the experience necessary to photograph your event. Don’t risk your family’s photographs and sign with a person who lacks experience. Go with a professional photographer who has years of full time experience and can guarantee you receive beautiful images.


I’ve worked in well over 100 venues across New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Experience you can literally see with your own eyes. Featured on my site are countless weddings and events from all across the tri-state area with every location listed in the title. Like most other photographers, I don’t try and trick you with a “best of” gallery showcasing only 10-20 images. That’s for inexperienced amateurs. Every single blog post I design has over 150 images from each wedding or event to give you a very accurate idea of exactly what your coverage will look like after you hire me to photograph your special day.

PRO TIP: Ask your photographer why there are so little images in each gallery. Were these the only passable photos from that wedding day? Where are the other images? Don’t be fooled by a few pretty pictures. Go with a professional photographer who can show you beautiful photographs from every single part of a wedding day. Want to see more? To put your mind at ease, all of my delivered client galleries are hosted here Have fun and browse to your heart’s content : )


Nothing is worse than hiring some photographer and having them show up to your event unprepared with little to no information about your day. That is why together we thoroughly design your wedding or event schedule in order to insure that nothing is missed. For your convenience, I also provide you and your family with a formal group configuration list. This list contains the typical group photos that we must take on your wedding day. Not only that but I also provide a 5 page questionnaire so that I can learn about you and your family. What details are important to you? Are there family situations I should be aware of? Is there something special you want to tell me about your day? All of this information is important in order to provide the best possible service to my clients.

PRO TIP: Ask your photographer if he/she helps to plan your schedule. If they don’t, ask why? Were they just going to show up at the predetermined time and wing it? Also, ask if they have a formal group shot list. If they don’t, again ask why not. This is something all professional photographers should have available to their clients. I never photograph an event without first gathering and organizing this information.


Now that we are fully entrenched in the age of the iPhone, digital photography is everywhere. It’s never been more popular but fewer and fewer people are actually printing their photos. It’s sad that once you get a new phone, these images disappear forever. For your benefit, all of the memories that I capture for you and your family are preserved in beautiful albums. For your benefit, you receive one album from your included engagement session and one album from your wedding day.

PRO TIP: If your photographer shows you little to no albums during your initial consultation, ask why. Are their clients unsatisfied with their images resulting in zero album sales? Do they simply not design albums and only provide digital photographs? Are their albums outdated and ugly? During your consultation with me you and your fiance will look through numerous engagement albums from happy clients and tons of wedding albums of all shapes and sizes. I’ll also take you through all your color options, available to you at no extra charge.


All your professional photographs are always provided to you and your family in a high resolution online gallery. You receive one gallery for your engagement session and one gallery for your wedding day. For your convenience, all your wedding images are carefully organized and catalogued into smaller mini albums such as “Getting Ready”, “Bride & Groom”, “Ceremony” and “Reception” so that you can quickly and easily view any part of your wedding day without having to search through an endless amount of photographs. To view all of my fully processed and delivered client galleries please visit my gallery site at This will give you a perfect representation of what your exactly gallery will look like after you hire me to photograph your wedding day.

PRO TIP: Ask your photographer if he/she includes online galleries for delivery of your images. If they don’t, ask why not. If they do, ask to see them. Don’t just judge your photographer based on what is in their “best of” portfolio. Demand to see fully delivered client galleries in their entirety. Before our consultation, I encourage all my potential clients to visit not only my blog which hosts an incredible amount of images from all my events, but my client gallery site in order to view actual delivered event photographs.


In order to make sure that your event is handled in a professional manner and that no mistakes are made, I have invested in backup equipment for everything that I own and bring to your wedding day. Nothing is left to chance. I have backup cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries, memory cards, wires and more. No matter what the circumstance, I can continue shooting and not miss a moment of your day. Too many people are showing up to events grossly unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Poor quality equipment, no backups of any kind and no game plan if something were to go wrong. That is a recipe for disaster. I treat your wedding day with the respect it deserves by coming completely prepared each and every time I shoot an event. Not only that, but after your day is complete I backup your photograph to three different hard drives and to the cloud for further protection. In over 10 years as a professional photographer I have not lost one single photograph from any event.

PRO TIP: Ask your photographer if they have backup equipment. Tell them to be specific. You are merely trying to protect yourself and your memories against disaster. If they don’t have backup equipment, simply do not hire them. Backups are 100% essential for wedding day coverage. I love talking about camera equipment, especially if my clients are photographers too! I’m more than happy to go through my list of gear, show my backups and talk about why each piece of gear is important and why.


My photographic collections and their accompanying prices are organized in a way that are very easy to understand. Everything is laid out in plain site with no hidden fine print like most other photographers. On top of that, travel is included in your collection price. What you see is what you pay. Engagement and Wedding Albums are included with no additional fees after your wedding day.

If you wish to inquire about your wedding or event date and would like to receive my PDF Pricing Packet, please email me at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need.

PRO TIP: Ask your photographer why their pricing is so confusing. Why is one package more money than another? What is included that you’re not aware of? Don’t just let your photographer send you a simple email with quick pricing. Ask them to see it in a formatted PDF or in print during your consultation. Before our meeting, I send every couple my three page pricing pdf packet that contains all the information you need on my services. That way, you and your fiance can familiarize yourselves with my offerings and prepare any questions you may have for me in advance. During our meeting, I also have printed copies of my pricing so that we can go over everything together in more detail.

PRO TIP #2: If the price is too good to be true, it most likely is. All day coverage and unlimited everything sounds good on paper, but dig a little deeper and you will come to the root of a very rotten tree. The telltale sign of an inexperienced photographer is cheap, heavily discounted pricing. Pricing that meant nothing to begin with, which is why they were so willing to discount.


I take the task of photographing your day very seriously. After all, weddings are a once in a lifetime event and there are no “do overs”. My business is completely covered by General Liability Insurance and Gear Insurance provided by Lockton Affinity. Too many people are running around pretending to be photographers without any kind of insurance whatsoever. This puts you and your family at risk in case of an accident on your wedding day. 

PRO TIP: Ask your photographer if they have insurance and what kind. If they can’t answer that question, that is a very good sign they are unprofessional and unprepared for your wedding or event. On top of that, in order to work on their grounds, all venues require that every vendor have proof of insurance and provide their certificate before your wedding day. If you mistakingly hire someone to shoot your event and they do not have insurance, your venue’s insurance policy will not cover them or you in case of an accident. I always bring this up during consultations and have no issues whatsoever providing my proof of insurance to anyone who asks. Before every event, I always contact your venue to make sure they have all the required paperwork for me to legally work on their grounds.

About your wedding photographer

Choosing your wedding venue, meeting with vendors, buying your dress, searching for those perfect flowers, it all comes down to this one special day. Planning an event of this size is no easy task. It takes an immense amount of effort to pull off a day of this magnitude. But at the end of it all, you and your family are going to make it happen and with style. After all is said and done, two things remain. Your loving memories and your beautiful photographs. 

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Finding the right wedding photographer is no easy task and when it all comes down to it, they are the most important vendor on your wedding day. They are tasked with documenting the start of your new family tree. Capturing your memories for you to look back on for the rest of your lives. Your photographer should have years and years of solid experience documenting events in every single type of scenario. They should be confident, poised, fun and no matter what the situation, be ready to take on anything that comes their way.

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As a full time professional wedding photographer working in and around New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, I’ve shot at over 90 wedding venues across the tri-state area. This level of experience provides me a distinct advantage. When you no longer have to think about your lighting, or your gear settings or the stress of a wedding day, you begin to step out of your own way and this opens up the door to freedom and creativity. The freedom to create inventive and unique photographs which in the end, adds extreme value for you the bride and groom.

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Another quality your photographer should have is a caring, loving and fun personality. The last thing you want on your wedding day is some crabby photographer running about putting everyone in a bad mood. You deserve someone fun, upbeat and enjoyable to be around. After all, you spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than any other vendor. You need to like this person! I feel so blessed to be able to photograph events as my career and I bring a big smile and that positive attitude with me each time I document a wedding. 

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Not only do I come with a smile, but I also come fully prepared to handle anything your day throws at me. With every one of my collections I include extensive wedding planning and organizing. This insures that everything stays on time and you have a smooth wedding from start to finish. For the benefit of the bride and groom, I bring an assistant with me to every wedding. This person is in charge of things such as the timeline, organizational elements of the day, the formal configuration sheet, making sure all your photographic needs are met and much more. Having an assistant frees me up to focus on what I do best, capturing your beautiful photographs.

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At the end of your wedding day, you will be thankful that your research has led you to choose a photographer that enhances your day with his positive spirit, his goal driven attitude and his passion for his career. Your friends and family will thank you for finding someone who has your best interests in mind and who will stop at nothing to make your special day a huge success. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to be your wedding photographer and I hope that this is the start of not only our working relationship but a genuine friendship as well.