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Choosing your wedding venue, meeting with vendors, buying your dress, searching for those perfect flowers, it all comes down to this one special day. Planning an event of this size is no easy task. It takes an immense amount of effort to pull off a day of this magnitude. But at the end of it all, you and your family are going to make it happen and with style. After all is said and done, two things remain. Your loving memories and your beautiful photographs. 

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Finding the right wedding photographer is no easy task and when it all comes down to it, they are the most important vendor on your wedding day. They are tasked with documenting the start of your new family tree. Capturing your memories for you to look back on for the rest of your lives. Your photographer should have years and years of solid experience documenting events in every single type of scenario. They should be confident, poised, fun and no matter what the situation, be ready to take on anything that comes their way.

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As a full time professional wedding photographer working in and around New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, I’ve shot at over 90 wedding venues across the tri-state area. This level of experience provides me a distinct advantage. When you no longer have to think about your lighting, or your gear settings or the stress of a wedding day, you begin to step out of your own way and this opens up the door to freedom and creativity. The freedom to create inventive and unique photographs which in the end, adds extreme value for you the bride and groom.

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Another quality your photographer should have is a caring, loving and fun personality. The last thing you want on your wedding day is some crabby photographer running about putting everyone in a bad mood. You deserve someone fun, upbeat and enjoyable to be around. After all, you spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than any other vendor. You need to like this person! I feel so blessed to be able to photograph events as my career and I bring a big smile and that positive attitude with me each time I document a wedding. 

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Not only do I come with a smile, but I also come fully prepared to handle anything your day throws at me. With every one of my collections I include extensive wedding planning and organizing. This insures that everything stays on time and you have a smooth wedding from start to finish. For the benefit of the bride and groom, I bring an assistant with me to every wedding. This person is in charge of things such as the timeline, organizational elements of the day, the formal configuration sheet, making sure all your photographic needs are met and much more. Having an assistant frees me up to focus on what I do best, capturing your beautiful photographs.

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At the end of your wedding day, you will be thankful that your research has led you to choose a photographer that enhances your day with his positive spirit, his goal driven attitude and his passion for his career. Your friends and family will thank you for finding someone who has your best interests in mind and who will stop at nothing to make your special day a huge success. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to be your wedding photographer and I hope that this is the start of not only our working relationship but a genuine friendship as well.