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Hunterdon County Photographer • Baby Shower • Frenchtown, NJ

Hunterdon County Photographer

After photographing Heather and Rick’s wedding in August of 2012 they contacted me back and asked if I would be interested in shooting their baby shower. I am always so delighted when I become a family’s official photographer for their important life events. There is nothing more exciting and joyous than the coming of a new baby! I consider myself extremely lucky to be a working Hunterdon County photographer. I get to do what I love in and work in and around the beautiful counties of Central, New Jersey. I am truly blessed. Heather and Rick’s family are so much fun to be around. Her mother Diane is actually a very talented photographer and even though she is a Nikon shooter and I’m a Canon shooter we don’t let that get in the way of our great friendship. Heather and Diane did such a wonderful job decorating her mom for the baby shower. There was definitely no shortage of cute things to photograph.

Hunterdon County Photographer 00When photographing details at a party, wedding or mitzvah I enjoy using my Canon 35 1.4 lens. This allows me to shoot extremely shallow and blur out the background of any image. This puts your attention right where I want it.
Hunterdon County Photographer 01What cute baby shower is complete without “It’s a Girl!” balloons!
Hunterdon County Photographer 02Heather and Rick bought so many cute baby clothes for their new daughter Stella. I couldn’t help but take some photos for them to remember.
Hunterdon County Photographer 03The cutest little baby melon party favor! Whoever designed this little gem did a great job.
Hunterdon County Photographer 04When photographing any kind of special event I always make sure to get plenty of detail shots. After all, everyone spent so much time setting up and picking out all the decorations that they deserve to have photographs of their hard work.
Hunterdon County Photographer 05Heather bought the cutest little sheep for the top of Stella’s crib.
Hunterdon County Photographer 06I am the biggest dog lover. Any time a little pooch is involved in any of my events I make sure to get tons of cute pictures of man’s best friend. This little guy followed me around all day and I swear he even posed for me a few times!
Hunterdon County Photographer 07Heather and her mother Diane pose for me before digging in to the delicious food.
Hunterdon County Photographer 08Their friends and family were so generous with their baby gifts. Heather definitely had plenty to open that day.
Hunterdon County Photographer 09I have a special place in my heart for bulldogs. My sister, Ali actually has a bulldog and I’ve grown quite found of her.
Hunterdon County Photographer 10This little cutie pie was so adorable. I couldn’t help but snap some photos of her playing with one of the balloons.
Hunterdon County Photographer 11Smile ladies!
Hunterdon County Photographer 12Heather was so happy on her baby shower.
Hunterdon County Photographer 13What puppy doesn’t love a good scratch behind the ear. So cute!
Hunterdon County Photographer 14What a beautiful group of young ladies!
Hunterdon County Photographer 15Heather and Rick cut their baby cake. How adorable.