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New Hope, PA Engagement Session • Sarah & Bren • Couples Photography

New Hope, PA Engagement Session

Sarah and Bren contacted me to shoot their photography session in the summer of 2013. Together we researched a location and settled upon a New Hope, PA engagement session. I’ve lived only minutes away from New Hope, PA my entire life so I know the area quite well. The town is so incredibly cute and offers an endless amount of locations to shoot in. Since I’ve visited there quite often it was very easy to stroll through town and shoot. Sarah and Bren were so much fun to hang out with. Since my wife Melanie and I are normally around the same age as the couples we photograph we usually get along quite well. After we were finished shooting Sarah and Bren’s New Hope, PA engagement session, they contacted us back several weeks later to shoot their wedding. Needless to say I happily accepted.

new hope, pa engagement session 01On the main street in New Hope, PA there are a series of beautiful paintings decorating several walls. I used the paintings as backdrops for this cute little photograph of Sarah and Bren.
new hope, pa engagement session02You don’t see tall sunflowers very often, so I knew I had to get a quick photograph with them. After all nothing says summer like gorgeous tall sunflowers.
new hope, pa engagement session03Any time I can place my couple against a cute white fence always makes for a wonderful photograph.
new hope, pa engagement session04Here I used the bright colors of the tree to give their image a little pop. New Hope has these cute brown benches all over the place to use for photos.
new hope, pa engagement session05Since most couples aren’t used to be photographing by a professional photographer simply asking them to hold hands and look lovely at each other is a simple pose that always yields great results.