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Bridgewater Manor Wedding • Bridgewater, NJ • Laurie & Steve

Bridgewater Manor Wedding

Laurie and Steve had their wedding reception at The Bridgwater Manor in Bridgwater, New Jersey and their wedding ceremony at The Zion Lutheran Church in Oldwick, New Jersey. If you’re looking for a great location such as Central, New Jersey to have your wedding than the Bridgewater Manor should be at the top of your list. It’s situated in a beautiful area and your wedding guests will definitely not mind driving there for your wedding day. Laurie decided to get ready for her wedding at her parents house in Stockton, New Jersey. All her bridesmaids were present and they had a lovely morning getting their hair and makeup done. Once Laurie was into her dress I was able to capture some very special moments. Her family was very welcoming of my presence and I made sure to be extremely respectful while in their home. The rest of their day was incredibly fun. The entire bridal party was very much into being photographer for Laurie and Steve’s wedding. I also like to pay special attention to not just the bride on her wedding day, but her bridesmaids as well. After all, they are dressed for this special occasion as well and deserve to have some beautiful images of their own.

bridgewater_manor_wedding_00A Bridgewater manor wedding is not complete until you have photographed your couple in front of their gorgeous fountains. I always make sure to shoot my couple around sunset so that the fountain catches the golden light and my couple looks amazing.
bridgewater_manor_wedding_01This is one of my favorite images I have ever shot. I think it is so sweet that Laurie’s father sat himself down next to the girls and decided to put his socks on. It’s just such a real, honest moment.
bridgewater_manor_wedding_02The room where Laurie was getting ready had tons of natural available light which is my favorite kind of lighting to shoot in. I asked all her family and friends to leave the room so that I could get my bride’s undivided attention. This leads to a better bridal portrait overall.
bridgewater_manor_wedding_03An easy way to take a beautiful photograph of the bridal party flowers is to find a very reflective table surface. For this shot all I did was place the flowers on an outdoor table at Laurie’s parent’s home. I photographed them with very shallow depth of field to blur out the background and bring your attention to the pretty flowers.
bridgewater_manor_wedding_04The entire bridal party celebrates Laurie and Steve’s Bridgewater Manor wedding.
bridgewater_manor_wedding_05Laurie’s father was so proud of her. During their first dance at her Bridgewater Manor Wedding he was all smiles. He held her tightly as they danced together to their favorite song.