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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Princeton New Jersey Photographer • Fara’s 1st Birthday

Princeton New Jersey Photographer

I have photographed a lot of family occasions and memories for the Enright family. On October 27th they celebrated Fara’s 1st birthday party at their home in Princeton. Elizabeth is an extremely talented and creative party planner and the decor was absolutely amazing. She buys a lot of her decorations at The Paper Shop on Nassau Street in Princeton. They invited all of their close friends and family to Fara’s party and even rented a bouncy tent for the children, a professional clown/face painter and even a portable brick oven pizza truck for the adults. I am always so honored when I get to work with the Enright Family.

Looking for a Princeton New Jersey photographer? I’ve photographed many occasions here as well as weddings, parties, engagement sessions and family portraits. Please contact me today at I will be happy to answer all your questions about my full pricing, how my coverage works and what is included in all of my photography sessions. If you wish to know my pricing before you contact me, all of my rates are available on my blog and my website.

If you’re looking for a Princeton New Jersey Photographer you have come to the right place. I’ve photographed families, parties, engagement sessions and weddings in Princeton and the surrounding areas. Princeton is the most wonderful town and you don’t have to

Princeton New Jersey Photographer - The cutest little birthday cupcakes in Princeton.Elizabeth baked and decored all the deserts for her daughter’s first birthday party.
Princeton New Jersey Photographer - The cutest little birthday cake for a one year old girl.An absolutely adorable cake adorned with the cutest little elephant!
Princeton New Jersey Photographer - Her mother, Elizabeth bough tons of colorful balloons to decorate the birthday tent.Colorful birthday balloons were hung everywhere to give the scene some real pop of color.
Princeton New Jersey Photographer - Here you can see the beautiful family posing with their children.Love the Enright Family!
Princeton New Jersey Photographer - The birthday girl smiles for her first big photo of the day!Fara was all smiles for her party. She really enjoyed everything that her parents put together for her.

Grounds for Sculpture Wedding • Princeton, NJ • Christine & Michael

Grounds for Sculpture Wedding

Christine and Michael were married at The Half Moon Inn in Newtown, PA. Their wedding reception was held at The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Their day was absolutely perfect with gorgeous fall weather and beautiful foliage. If you are thinking of having a Grounds for Sculpture wedding, I would highly recommend this venue and their property. We were able to shoot all their family formals inside the gardens behind the Half Moon Inn and shoot their couple’s portraits at the Grounds for Sculpture. As you can see in their photographs we started about an hour and a half before sunset and finished just as the sun was about to set. The perfect time of day to shoot! All in all Christine and Michael did wonderful. They were full of joy in their images and had a great time walking through the Grounds for Sculpture looking for places to shoot together.

grounds_for_sculpture_wedding_01Extremely bright and harsh sunlight is something I love to utilize in my photographs. Simply place your couple’s backs to the sun to provide them with an amazing hair/rim light. Since the sun is to their backs you will have even light across their faces and never have to deal with any shadows whatsoever.
grounds_for_sculpture_wedding_02There are no shortage of amazing locations to photograph your couple when you are on the Grounds for Sculpture. Needless to say I was incredibly excited to be there.
grounds_for_sculpture_wedding_03Like I mentioned before, simply place your subjects between you and the sun for some amazing rim/hair lighting. It was quite a chilly day so Christine and Michael were happy to hold hands and keep each other warm.
grounds_for_sculpture_wedding_04A Grounds for Sculpture wedding really is magical. The sun was just about to set and it was bursting through the trees on their grounds. I just had to stop my couple once more for this beautiful fall wedding image.

Peddler’s Village Family Portrait • Lahaska, PA • Whitfield Family

Peddler’s Village Family Portrait Session

I adore shooting in Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA, especially for a family portrait session. The area is always so nicely decorated and there are so many different places to shoot within their grounds. The Whitfield Family contacted me for their annual photo session and we immediately decided upon a Peddler’s Village Family Portrait Session. Since it was fall the leaves were the perfect color and the weather was just right for beautiful fall clothing. Their son, Benjamin, had a wonderful time running around Peddler’s Village while his mother and father chased him about. I’ve photographed Benjamin quite a few times and boy oh boy does this kid LOVE to run! I think he may be a track star in high school haha.

Looking for a Peddler’s Village Family Portrait Session? I’ve shot here and at dozens of other locations in the area. Please feel free to email me any time at I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. For your convenience my full pricing is available here on my blog and on my website. I look forward to hearing from you!

Peddler's Village Family Portrait Session - For the Whitfield Family portrait session you can see them posing together while the sun shines through the trees behind them.I tend to photograph my subjects later in the day because I love the late afternoon sun. It’s golden in color, very direct and creates the most beautiful hair light. For this image, all I had to do was place my subjects in front of a beautiful fall tree and ask them to hold their son Benjamin.
Peddler's Village Family Portrait Session - Here in Lahaska, PA it was a perfect fall day. Their child Ben runs in front as the parents walk hand in hand behind them through the streets of Peddler's Village.With a family portrait session it is always wise to give your subjects something fun to do together, instead of just asking them to sit and pose for you. Children almost never want to sit in one location for very long so I simply asked The Whitfield family to walk through Peddler’s Village while I snapped away. Having a long lens such as the Canon 70-200 gives you the ability to be quite far away from your subjects, letting them interact naturally. This also gives you ample time to get several good photographs before the family reaches your location.
Peddler's Village Family Portrait Session - A loving mother hugs her first born sun in front of cute fall decorations at Peddler's Village.Kimberly has the most wonderful smile and you can tell her son Benjamin is the light of her life. Here they are in front of a local toy store. I frequently like to use the surrounding architecture and foliage to my advantage. So by asking them to kneel and relax together I was able to give this shot some bursts of color.
Peddler's Village Family Portrait Session - A mother and son play together on a chilly fall day with tons of cute decorations in the background.Since there was so many colorful flags and decorations around Peddler’s Village it was easy to capture the tone of this beautiful fall afternoon. When photographing fast moving children you have to be sure to use a very fast shutter speed, in order to stop any motion. If you don’t your photographs will come out very blurry and you will have unhappy clients.
Peddler's Village Family Portrait Session - Here the family sits together as their son Benjamin waves to people on the street.Benjamin is such a polite boy. He always waved to other children and said hello as we adventured through Peddler’s Village.
Peddler's Village Family Portrait Session - As the day comes to a close the family hugs each other tight in front of some shops in Peddler's Village.You only have one shot to get that perfect photo of a child looking directly into your lens. When photographing a family I always make sure to tell my parents and adults to always look at me the entire time they are posing with their child. I’ve figured out through experience that the child will only look up for a split second and I have to catch that shot. If I have my parents looking down at their child, trying to get them to look at me, the moment he looks up, I have parents looking down. This little tip has helped me countless times to capture a perfect family portrait.