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New Hope/Lambertville Engagement Session • Mercedes & Sal

New Hope Engagement Session

I have lived near Lambertville, New Jersey and New Hope, Pennsylvania my entire life, so I know the area quite well. I’ve visited there countless times so when Mercedes and Sal contacted me to shoot their engagement session and told me they wanted to use the area I was happy to oblige. We started off on the streets of Lambertville and then ended their engagement session right before sunset on the New Hope, PA side. If you’re looking to have your very own New Hope engagement session please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

new_hope_engagement_session01Normally I always shoot my couple with their backs to the sun, however the sun had set just behind the buildings but there was still plenty of golden light illuminating the trees behind my couple, providing a gorgeous background. Since the sun had already set behind the tree line there was no shadows to deal with on my couple’s faces. I asked them to cuddle together for a quick series of images.
new_hope_engagement_session02What New Hope engagement session would be complete without stopping to shoot on the bridge between Lambertville and New Hope? Just make sure there aren’t too many people crossing the bridge when you’re trying to get your image.
new_hope_engagement_session03Just because the sun completely disappeared over the horizon doesn’t mean you have to stop shooting. A silhouette shot at the end of the day is an easy image when you know what you are doing.
new_hope_engagement_session04Mercedes and Sal had no trouble cuddling up to each other for their photographs. Using the leading lines of the small bridge was a simple and effective way to draw your eye towards the subject.
new_hope_engagement_session05Using the architecture to your advantage is something a good photographer should always do. Here i simply asked Mercedes and Sal to sit together on this stone wall. The light was even on their entire bodies which means I could shoot from any direction and any angle I please.
new_hope_engagement_session06You don’t always have to photograph both couple’s reactions at the same time. Here I told Sal to whisper something funny in Mercedes ear so that I could get a great laugh from her. He definitely succeeded. I photographed them in front of a dark backdrop to make them really pop off the image.
new_hope_engagement_session07Sun flare can be absolutely gorgeous when photographed correctly. For this image, I used very shallow depth of field to give this shot an intimate feel. Mercedes and Sal’s New Hope engagement session was a huge success!