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Grounds for Sculpture Wedding • Princeton, NJ • Christine & Michael

Grounds for Sculpture Wedding

Christine and Michael were married at The Half Moon Inn in Newtown, PA. Their wedding reception was held at The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Their day was absolutely perfect with gorgeous fall weather and beautiful foliage. If you are thinking of having a Grounds for Sculpture wedding, I would highly recommend this venue and their property. We were able to shoot all their family formals inside the gardens behind the Half Moon Inn and shoot their couple’s portraits at the Grounds for Sculpture. As you can see in their photographs we started about an hour and a half before sunset and finished just as the sun was about to set. The perfect time of day to shoot! All in all Christine and Michael did wonderful. They were full of joy in their images and had a great time walking through the Grounds for Sculpture looking for places to shoot together.

grounds_for_sculpture_wedding_01Extremely bright and harsh sunlight is something I love to utilize in my photographs. Simply place your couple’s backs to the sun to provide them with an amazing hair/rim light. Since the sun is to their backs you will have even light across their faces and never have to deal with any shadows whatsoever.
grounds_for_sculpture_wedding_02There are no shortage of amazing locations to photograph your couple when you are on the Grounds for Sculpture. Needless to say I was incredibly excited to be there.
grounds_for_sculpture_wedding_03Like I mentioned before, simply place your subjects between you and the sun for some amazing rim/hair lighting. It was quite a chilly day so Christine and Michael were happy to hold hands and keep each other warm.
grounds_for_sculpture_wedding_04A Grounds for Sculpture wedding really is magical. The sun was just about to set and it was bursting through the trees on their grounds. I just had to stop my couple once more for this beautiful fall wedding image.