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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Primavera Regency Wedding • Stirling, New Jersey • Jessica & Tim

Primavera Regency Wedding

Jessica & Tim’s wedding reception was at the Primavera Regency in Stirling, New Jersey and they were married at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton in Three Bridges, New Jersey. If you and your fiancé are engaged, and haven’t decided on your wedding venue, then you should definitely take a look at The Primavera Regency. Their food is absolutely excellent and all of their staff are friendly and extremely helpful. I’ve worked several Primavera Regency weddings and at each one, the wedding couple has always commented how great this venue was. They have an outdoor ceremony space as well as an indoor ceremony space. So no matter what the weather, the Primavera Regency has you covered. Their ballroom and dance floor are quite large and there is even two bars, so you never have to wait for a drink. A Primavera Regency wedding is something I would never turn down, so feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss your wedding day.

primavera_regency_wedding06Jessica’s wedding dress was absolutely stunning.
primavera_regency_wedding01Jessica looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. Using simple window light and nothing else I was able to capture this gorgeous photograph of Jessica look back over her left shoulder.
primavera_regency_wedding02Another example of using simple window light to create a beautiful bridal portrait. When a window has a see through drape the light is highly diffused, making it soft and very flattering.
primavera_regency_wedding03I’m a big fan of using reflective surfaces whenever I can. This image I used a painting that was hanging on the wall to give me a nice reflection of Jessica.
primavera_regency_wedding04Her father helped her put on her necklace and bracelet. I even caught a few photographs of him tearing up, but he will swear that never happened.
primavera_regency_wedding05Jessica & Tim walk down the aisle at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church after being announced husband and wife.
primavera_regency_wedding07A Primavera Regency wedding wouldn’t be complete without the bride and groom’s first dance.
primavera_regency_wedding08Jessica and Tim took dance lessons in preparation for their Primavera Regency Wedding.
primavera_regency_wedding09A Primavera Regency wedding is a magical event. Jessica’s father gave a very heartfelt speech.