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Somerset County Family Portrait Photographer

This is my second family portrait session with the wonderful Hoyt Family. The first was in the Fall of 2013. This time the entire Hoyt clan came together for one large shoot. Since I was going to be dealing with so many family members I decided we needed some wide open spaces. Duke Farms in Somerset, New Jersey is a beautiful place to shoot and provided me with all the surroundings I needed. When photographing children it’s best to keep them happy and occupied. I don’t know of too many kids who love to sit still and have their photos taken so it’s best to let them run around and do their thing. This is where having high quality gear comes into play. We all know children move quite fast and being able to lock focus and snap off a quick series of images is crucial to capturing their smiles at just the right moment. Between a combination of playtime and having them pose with their family I was able to capture a wide assortment of photographs for the Hoyt Family. If you’re looking for a Somerset County Family Portrait Photographer, I would love to be your choice. Please contact me any time at [email protected] or by simply calling me at 908-581-0124 and I will be happy to answer all your questions about pricing, what is included and how I run my sessions.

Somerset County Family Portrait Photographer - During a hot summer afternoon, three children sit on the grass at Duke Farms in Somerset, New Jersey.Being able to photograph not only adults, but children from any angle is extremely important. You never know where they will decide to look. Positioning the kids in shade allowed me to react to their movements and photograph them from any angle. Since they were in perfect even shade I didn’t have to worry about direct harsh sunlight on their face and was able snap away until I was happy.
Somerset County Family Portrait Photographer - A beautiful family poses under a large tree at Duke Farms in Somerset, New Jersey.By placing the entire Hoyt Family under a large tree with plenty of shade, none of the family members had to deal with direct sunlight in their eyes or streaked across their faces causing terrible shadows.
Somerset County Family Portrait Photographer - Here a cute baby sits on the grass at Duke Farms in Somerset, New Jersey.Using shallow depth of field is something I’m a big fan of. It really draws your eye to the subject of the photograph. If I was to photograph their baby and the background was completely in focus she wouldn’t jump off the image like she does.
Somerset County Family Portrait Photographer - Grandchildren and their grandparents share a loving moment on the grounds of Duke Farms.For this image I simply asked the grandparents to sit beside their grandchildren and play. I ducked myself behind a tree so that the kids paid no attention to me and simply shot away. Simply getting the family to interact with each other is a great tool, instead of just asking them to sit there and smile for you.
Somerset County Family Portrait Photographer - A family poses for me, Ryan Sands during their family portrait session at Duke Farms.Again, putting my subjects between me and the sun is a perfect way to capture beautiful portraits. The sun illuminates not only their hair but the trees behind them, making for one gorgeous family portrait.
Somerset County Family Portrait Photographer - A large family group poses for the camera at Duke Farms.Another use of shade to evenly light all of my family members. When shooting a large family group, in this case 17 family members, it’s best to shoot in quick bursts. You have a lot of blinking eyes to deal so the more images you capture the better.

Princeton Engagement Session

Lina & Tim’s engagement session took place on the gorgeous Princeton University campus. My wife Melanie and I frequent Princeton quite often for dinner & drinks and have always wanted to shoot on their grounds. So we discussed the idea with Lina & Tim and they happily accepted. Luckily we had amazing weather for their session and their images turned out absolutely beautiful. There are tons of cute nooks and crannies to shoot in and the architecture on the Princeton campus is nothing short of breathtaking. If you ever get the chance to visit Princeton, New Jersey for the day be sure to walk through the campus and don’t forget to stop by the Episcopal Church. Not only is the exterior of the church beautiful but the interior is astounding and simply must be seen to be believed. If you’re there for the afternoon and want to grab a bite to eat definitely check out Princeton Soup & Sandwhich Company. Their lobster bisque is to die for! If you’re looking for a Princeton Engagement Session please contact me any time. My full pricing is available on my website as well as contracts, FAQ and much more. I would be delighted to be your photographer!

Princeton Engagement Session - On the Princeton University campus a beautiful couple sits together during a warm summer day.The architecture of Princeton Campus is so beautiful. An easy backdrop for a beautiful couple’s photograph.
Princeton Engagement Session - The future bride and groom spend a moment together on the university campus.I enjoy using leading lines to draw your eye to the subject of my photograph, which in this case is Lina & Tim embracing. I also framed them using the archway in the background.
Princeton Engagement Session - Lina & Tim grab the iron gates of the university campus and pose for a cute engagement photo.Here is another great example of how to use leading lines in a photograph to really move your eye right to the subject. By incorporating shallow depth of field I was able to really blur out the lines of the iron fence and create a wonderful blur that fills the right side of my image.
Princeton Engagement Session - In front of Princeton Campus, a couple poses for the camera.Even though we were under some patchy light from the trees above us, it’s actually quite easy to get even light by simply finding a shaded spot to sit my couple. I asked Lina & Tim to simply sit together and by shooting very shallow I was able to blur our the crowds of people around them and create a more intimate photograph. Again, using leading lines such as the iron fence, the cement wall behind them and the cement ledge they were sitting on to draw your image right to them.
Princeton Engagement Session - A Large row of trees is the perfect shade for a couple in love.Whenever I see an arch of trees like this I immediately try to imagine how I can use them to my advantage. In this shot we even had just the perfect amount of light coming through the trees to illuminate the leaves. This gives us a nice mixture of bright green/yellow leaves and dark green leaves.
Princeton Engagement Session - Princeton has no shortage of beautiful areas. Here the future bride and groom share a moment on the streets of Princeton.In case you can’t tell by now I’m a big fan of shooting very shallow. In this image I knelt down on the ground and shot up towards my subjects. This way, I was able to add in the potted flowers that were hanging on the light post. Without changing my angle I would have never been able to get their heads even with the light post. Being creative and using different angles for your images is a great way to make your couple’s images stand out and provide them with something unique.

Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer

Lisa and Rob moved to Flemington, New Jersey from Bucks County, PA over the summer of 2014. After they purchased their home the first thing they did was plan their wedding and after an exhausting search settled on The Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, New Jersey. Once their venue was booked they searched for a wedding photographer and happen to stumble across my facebook page. They contacted me, dropped by our home for a consultation and we immediately hit it off. They signed with us that very day and we have been great friends ever since. Lisa & Rob live just minutes away from us so it was a match made in heaven. Are you looking for a Princeton NJ wedding photographer? Not only do I offer wedding coverage but also separate engagement sessions. If you book your wedding with me an engagement shoot is included as a bonus! My full pricing is available on my website and blog so feel free to look around. Contact me with any questions you may have or if you would like to book a consultation.

We shot their engagement session in Princeton, New Jersey where Lisa & Rob had their first date. Since my wife Melanie and I love visiting the area it was the perfect spot for their session. We walked throughout the town shooting in different nooks and crannies and finished up on the Princeton University Campus. The Princeton area is absolutely gorgeous. If you have ever wondered about having a photography session there please don’t hesitate to contact me as it’s one of my favorite places to shoot.

Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer - The happy couple stand in front of Teresa Caffe, where they had their first date.Lisa & Rob had their very first date at Teresa Caffe in Princeton, New Jersey and each year they go back for their anniversary.
Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer - An engaged couple pose together on the Princeton University Campus.I prefer to shoot on a very sunny day. The weather in Princeton was perfect for their engagement session. Just make sure your couple is between you and the sun.
Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer - The Princeton University campus has so much beautiful architecture.It wasn’t very hard getting Lisa & Rob to be affectionate for their photographs. All I needed to do was place them in beautiful light and let the moments unfold from there.
Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer - Here you can see a happily engaged couple under a large tree on the Princeton campus.Princeton University Campus has a ton of large gorgeous trees. I placed my couple in some direct sunlight and snapped away.
Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer - You can see the Princeton Campus in the background as the engaged couple looks and smiles at each other.I really enjoy shooting my couples with my Canon 70-200 2.8 IS mark ii lens. The compression makes all body types look very flattering. Women especially love this lens because it allows me to shoot from around 10-20 feet away, letting them become relaxed with their partner, instead of worrying about me being too up-close and personal.
Princeton NJ Wedding PhotographerWhenever possible I like to let the light spill through the leaves of a tree. It always add dramatic lighting to any photograph.
Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer - A weeping willow tree hangs down towards the happy engaged couple.Framing your subjects properly is so extremely important to creating a beautiful image. In this photograph I placed Lisa & Rob at the bottom of my frame and allowed the leading lines of the hanging leaves to point your eye towards the subject.
Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer - The gates of the Princeton University Campus shine as the sun sets upon our lovely, soon-to-be bride and groom.Here is another example of using leading lines in order to move your eye to the subject of my image. In this shot I used the black gate to keep your attention on the couple. Allowing Lisa to be looking towards Rob in this photograph keeps your eye from wandering off the frame. If she was looking “off frame” or towards the outer right edge of my image, your eye would want to wander where she is looking, making for a less compelling image.