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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Lambertville, NJ Engagement Shoot • New Hope, PA • Alison & Chris

Lambertville, NJ Engagement Shoot & New Hope, PA

While dating Chris took Alison on a countless number of dates in the Lambertville, New Jersey & New Hope, Pennsylvania areas. So it was the perfect spot for their engagement session. When they told Melanie and I that they wanted to bring their dog Willy along for the shoot we couldn’t say yes fast enough. We are such animal lovers, especially dogs. Willy had a great time walking around with us all over Lambertville and New Hope. I swear she knew she was being photographed and really stole the show haha. We finished their session just before sunset and were able to capture some amazing images and utilizing the best light of the day. Afterwards we all went out for dinner and drinks together at Havanas in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Needless to say Alison & Chris were thrilled with their images and we are so excited to be shooting their wedding on November 22, 2014 at The Lambertville Station Inn.

For their lambertville, nj engagement shoot alison and chris brought along their dog Willy. Here she smiles for the camera on the streets of new hope, pa.Willy smiles for her photographs as Alison and Chris sit with her on the streets of Lambertville, New Jersey.
Willy the dog takes a little rest on the streets of Lambertville, NJ.Lambertville, New Jersey is filled with tiny nooks and crannies to shoot in. We found a nice little spot for Alison and Chris to relax and Willy immediately sat right down with them and posed!
Here for their lambertville, nj engagement shoot, Willy the dog smiles for the camera while sitting next to her owners.We had gorgeous lighting for their engagement session in Lambertville and New Hope.
On the streets of Lambertville, New Jersey the future bride and groom smile and laugh for their engagement shoot.I swear as soon as I would bring my camera up to my eye to take a photograph, Willy would smile!
Lambertville, NJ engagement shoot - Ashley & Chris sit next to their dog Willy and enjoy the gorgeous summer weather before heading off to the next part of their couples shoot in New Hope, PA.A gorgeous spot for photographs is right on the bank of the river between New Hope and Lambertville. We quickly snapped some cute shots before heading over the bridge.
Towards the end of the day the sunset was absolutely gorgeous! Alison & Chris were so happy how their lambertville, nj engagement shoot turned out.In this image the sun was just about to set completely over the tree line. So I used the sun’s flare to my advantage to capture some very warm emotion from my couple.
During the summer, in front of the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, PA there are several sets of beautiful lights. Alison & Chris posed in front of them for me just before the sunset.Right in front of the Bucks County Playhouse House was a really pretty set of outdoor lights. I simply placed my couple in front of them and took my photographs with very shallow depth of field. This helped blur my background and create a nice glittery look. Utilizing shallow depth of field also draws your attention to the subject of your photograph, which in this case is Alison and Chris.
Just as the sun set on New Hope, PA the bride and groom share a kiss under the twinkling lights.For the final shot of their Lambertville, NJ engagement shoot I shot up towards the lights as Alison and Chris shared an intimate kiss. Again very shallow depth of field helped to bring your eye towards the couple.

Forsgate Country Club Wedding • Monroe Township, NJ • Lisa & Rob

Forsgate Country Club Wedding

Lisa & Rob were married on July 5, 2014 at The Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, New Jersey. They were blessed with absolutely perfect weather and clear blue skies. After getting to know Lisa & Rob during their initial consultation, shooting their engagement session and even going out for drinks before their wedding day to go over our plan of attack, I knew their wedding day was going to be a blast. Lisa & Rob’s family and close friends didn’t disappoint. From morning until night their day was the definition of a pure celebration. The night ended with a perfect sparkler photo as Lisa & Rob shared a very public kiss. If you’re having a Forsgate Country Club Wedding, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to go over any questions you may have about wedding coverage, wedding pricing or how I document your wedding day.

Before her Forsgate Country Club wedding Lisa reads a special note from her future husband, Rob.Before heading off to her Forsgate Country Club wedding, I captured this moment while Lisa read a special card that Rob had wrote her for the morning of their wedding day. Simple window light with her wedding dress hanging in the background makes for one powerful image.
A Forsgate Country Club wedding is a special day. Here Lisa pins her father's wedding boutonniere on his jacket in front of a large window.Lisa helps her loving father pin on his boutonniere.
Forsgate Country Club Wedding - Lisa & Rob's first look was amazing. He cried the moment he saw his bride.For the couple’s “first look” I positioned them under some large gorgeous trees in the front yard of The Forsgate Country Club. Making sure to have their backs to the sun so that any image I shot was perfectly lit. The large trees provided perfect shade for their moment.
Forsgate Country Club Wedding - The bridge and groom pose for the camera with their beautiful dog Maya.People lover their dogs, and Lisa & Rob are no exception. Maya simply had to be present for their wedding day. She was part of the couple’s portraits and even walked down the aisle!
Forsgate Country Club Wedding - The bride and groom stand under a beautiful tall in the heat of the summer on the Forsgate Country Club property.By making sure the couple was evenly lit in the shade of these large trees I was able to capture each moment with ease. Instead of focusing on camera settings I’m able to relax and pay close to attention to my couple and the emotions they are sharing together.
Forsgate Country Club Wedding - At the end of their wedding day at Forsgate Lisa & Rob share a sparkler kiss.At the end of the evening at The Forsgate Country Club, Lisa & Rob’s family shared one final moment together as they all lit sparklers and cheered for the new happy couple.