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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Lambertville Station Inn Wedding • Lambertville, NJ • Alison & Chris

Lambertville Station Inn Wedding

Alison & Chris had their wedding at the Lambertville Station Inn in Lambertville, New Jersey. Recently the Lambertville Station Inn updated their ballroom and ceremony space. They did a fantastic job and their rooms are absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for any wedding. The staff at the Lambertville Station Inn are also extremely friendly and very easy to work with, which is always nice when you’re trying to choose a wedding venue. On top of that the town of Lambertville was recently voted one of the top ten locations in the United States to get married at. Which is really awesome since I’ve lived in the area my entire life. It’s very cool to see that it’s become so popular. Not only have I documented weddings at the Lambertville Station Inn, but I’ve also shot several engagement sessions in the Lambertville and New Hope areas. So if you’re looking for a photographer who knows the area, you’ve found the right guy! haha

Alison & Chris’s wedding was incredibly fun and they so easy to work with. Their entire wedding party and immediate family were very friendly and very laid back. Being relaxed on your wedding day leads to better photographs and a much more enjoyable day. Alison & Chris were happy to walk through the streets of Lambertville with me for their couple’s portraits together and the results showed how easy going and happy they were to be getting married. In the end their entire wedding day went off without a hitch and the couple was thrilled with how their collection of photographs turned out.


Princeton Engagement Shoot • University Campus • Kellie & Nick

Princeton Engagement Shoot

I don’t think Kellie & Nick could have picked a colder day in November for their engagement session. I remember it being so cold I was forced to run into the Princeton University store to purchase a light pair of gloves in order to use my camera in this kind of weather. It was THAT cold! haha Even though it was in the low 20s Kellie and Nick rocked it. They were a ton of fun to shoot and were so enthusiastic the entire time we were together. Most of the leaves had fallen from the trees by this time in November, however all you really need is a bit of leftover color in order to create some really beautiful portraits. Kellie, Nick and I walked around the Princeton University Campus together for a few hours and were able to use the leftover leaves to get some awesome shots together.

For their Princeton engagement shoot Kellie & Nick stand in front of these beautiful orange fall trees.Using a set of trees that had the most colorful leaves and making sure to photograph Kellie and Nick at just the right time of day, I was able to capture some wonderful images of them together. For their princeton engagement shoot Kellie and Nick sure dressed the part, wearing some beautiful fall clothing.
A Princeton engagement shoot in the fall is breathtaking. Here my wedding couple poses in front of a very red, very tall tree with the university campus in the background.At the far end of the Princeton University Campus there were some gorgeous red trees still leftover. All I asked of my couple was to get close and smile. It was chilly!! haha
For their princeton engagement shoot, Nick shows off this dance moves in the middle of the university campus for all to see!For their Princeton engagement shoot, Nick wanted to show off his dance moves he learned for their wedding day.
On the steps of the princeton university campus, Kellie and Nick cuddle up close.Even in the most direct, bright sunlight you can easily capture beautiful portraits of your couple. I simply asked Kellie and Nick to cuddle up together on some steps for this cute image.
Princeton University has no shortage of beautiful trees, especially during fall. Here you can see the gorgeous reds and yellow that were present throughout the campus.One of the key rules to remember as a professional photographer is to keep my couple between me and the sun. This provides even light on their faces and gives them a gorgeous rim light, which helps to separate them from the background.
The gates of the princeton university campus are perfect for a princeton engagement shoot.I really love using the architecture around me in order to enhance my images. Here I used the gate at the front of the Princeton University Campus to push your eye towards Kellie & Nick. Just like in paintings, leading lines are an extremely important tool when crafting an image.
Kellie and Nick on the property of the princeton university campus, showing off their game day wedding football.Kellie & Nick are huge football fans and they even had a 10/10/15 football printed up for their wedding day!