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Top Most Popular Best Engagement Session Photo Shoot Locations in New Jersey

Lambertville, New Jersey & New Hope, Pennsylvania Engagement Session

Engagement photographer from Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA

Cute couple and their dog pose in Lambertville, New Jersey for an engagement photo shoot Beautiful couple during their engagement shoot in Lambertville, New Jersey

Up first on my list of the top most popular engagement locations in New Jersey is Lambertville. Located in Hunterdon County, Lambertville is an adorable spot for engagement shoots. When picking a location you always want to make sure you have plenty of variety to work with and Lambertville doesn’t disappoint. The streets are filled with cute little store fronts to enhance your photographs along with plenty of beautiful architecture to pose in and around. Walkways are adorned with beautiful benches, cute little street lamps and carefully landscaped trees and bushes.

The town is also host to The Lambertville Station Inn, a popular wedding venue located right on the Delaware River. At night The Lambertville Station Inn and Restaurant has gorgeous views of New Hope, which is situated just a short walk across the historic New Hope-Lambertville bridge. Whether you schedule your engagement session during spring, summer, fall or even winter, walking hand in hand with your loved one across the bridge is sure to make for a romantic photograph.

For your convenience, here is a list of all the great qualities that make Lambertville a wonderful place for an engagement session.

  • New Hope-Lambertville bridge
  • Beautiful historic architecture
  • Sidewalks filled with character and charm
  • Situated right on the beautiful Delaware River
  • Gorgeous lighting at sunset
  • Located right next to New Hope, Pennsylvania
  • Perfect for spring, summer, fall or winter engagements
  • Host to St. John The Evangelist Church Roman Catholic Church

To view real engagement sessions in Lambertville, New Jersey please visit the following galleries.
Spring Engagement Session in Lambertville, New Jersey
Summer Engagement Shoot in Lambertville, NJ
Sunset Engagement Photos in Lambertville, NJ
Beautiful Engagement Pictures in Lambertville, New Jersey
Fall Engagement Photo Shoot in Lambertville, NJ

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Engagement Sessions in Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton University Campus Engagement Shoot

A couple poses on the Princeton University Campus for their professional photo shoot Young couple sits together on the steps at Princeton Campus Future bride and groom smile for the camera at Princeton University for their cute engagement session

The historic town of Princeton, New Jersey is an absolutely perfect spot for an engagement session. The town is jam packed with beautiful architecture and an endless amount of cute streets all featuring perfectly manicured foliage. 

Palmer Square is at the heart of Princeton and every year features the town’s very own fully decorated Christmas Tree. If you and your fiance have a sweet tooth, stop by The Bent Spoon, a specialty artisan ice cream and cupcake shop and while you’re at it let’s snap a few photographs of the two of you enjoying your treat. Perhaps you have a sweet tooth for something other than ice cream and cupcakes? Visit the local Lindt store for a variety of high quality chocolates. No matter what you fancy, there will surely be something on Palmer Square that warrants a photograph or two.

Princeton is also home to the famous Princeton University. Their campus features historic architecture, well groomed grounds and an endless amount of great photo opportunities. I’ve shot countless gorgeous engagement sessions in Princeton University and every year I get new requests for more. Princeton University is beautiful all year long. Whether it’s Spring, Summer or Fall, the campus always provides a beautiful backdrop for any photograph. Princeton is also host to the official Princeton University Chapel. If you haven’t been inside, it’s absolutely worth a look.

So to recap here is a list of several reasons why the town of Princeton and it’s University are a stunning location for any engagement session.

  • Beautifully landscaped streets
  • Historic Architecture
  • Cute storefronts with plenty of local charm
  • Amazing light at sunset
  • Princeton University Campus
  • Gorgeous landscaping throughout the campus grounds
  • Perfect for any time of year
  • Host to Princeton University Chapel

To view real examples of actual engagement sessions that I’ve shot in and around Princeton, NJ please visit the following photo galleries.
Spring Engagement Shoot in Princeton, NJ
Fall Engagement Shoot Princeton University Campus
Summer Engagement Session Princeton, New Jersey
Beautiful Fall Engagement Session photographed in Princeton University
Cute Engagement Session Photos Princeton, New Jersey
Amazing Fall Engagement Shoot Princeton University
Princeton Campus Engagement Shoot
Romantic Engagement Session in Princeton, New Jersey
Playful Engagement Shoot Photographed in Princeton, NJ

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Engagement Shoot in Skyland Botanical Gardens in Ringwood, New Jersey

Real photos from Skyland Botanical Garden Engagement Session

Couple holding hands at Skylands Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Couple in love hug during sunset at Skylands Botanical Gardens, Ringwood, New Jersey Engagement Shoot

Skyland Botanical Gardens is 96 acres of specialty gardens nestled in and surrounded by 1000 acres of untouched woodlands. Some of the many specialty gardens include the Perennial Border, Wildflower Garden, Lilac Garden, Magnolia Walk and the Winter Garden. No matter what type of flowers you’re looking for, Skylands has them. After seeing countless beautiful engagement photos at Skylands that are posted throughout my site, many couples choose this location for their own engagement shoot.

If you’re looking to get married at Skylands Botanical Gardens, the property even has it’s own wedding venue. Skylands Manor is a mid-1920’s mansion designed by American architect John Russell Pope. The Manor is host to numerous beautiful features such as the grand entrance hall and stairwell, the oak panel dining room, italian marble breakfast room, the two story great hall, the Scandinavian pine adorned drawing room, the dark-oak study and the famous Skyland Manor library.

After walking through the Skyland property, you will think it was built specifically for photographs in mind. The grounds are extremely well kept, flowers are always perfectly trimmed and there are endless romantic little spots for you and your fiance to snuggle in. If you’re looking for a sunset engagement session in Skylands Botanical Gardens, well you’re in luck because I schedule all my engagement shoots during this time of the day. The light is absolutely gorgeous bursting through the trees and onto you and your significant other.

Just to recap here is a list of reasons to choose Skyland Botanical Garden for your engagement session:

  • Tons of beautiful outdoor space
  • Variety of locations
  • Gorgeous architecture
  • Beautiful light at sunset
  • Unique foliage and flowers
  • Because of it’s large space, there are no crowds, even on weekends!
  • Ideal for spring, summer, fall or winter engagement shoots

To view real engagement session photographs at Skylands Botanical Gardens in Ringwood, NJ please use the following links.
Summer Engagement Shoot at Skylands Botanical Gardens
Fall Engagement Session Skylands Botanical Gardens, Ringwood, New Jersey
Spring Engagement Shoot Skylands Botanical Gardens in Ringwood, NJ

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Grounds for Sculpture Engagement Shoot in Trenton, New Jersey

Engagement photographer – Grounds for Sculpture Trenton

Couple in love smile for their photoshoot at Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, New Jersey Adorable couple poses together during their engagement session at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamiltown Township, NJ

Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, New Jersey is an extremely popular spot for engagement sessions in the New Jersey area. This cute engagement session location features a 42 acre sculpture park and museum all nestled within Hamilton, NJ. Before being converted into an artist’s park, the property was actually the former site of the New Jersey State Fairgrounds. The park’s construction began in 1989 and finished in 1992 when it officially opened to the public.

Grounds for Sculpture is host to not only numerous works of beautiful art, but also the famous Rat’s Restaurant. One of the most popular spots for photographs is Rat’s bridge over the lily pond, which is an homage to Monet’s painting entitled Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge. After looking through my engagement photographs from Grounds for Sculpture, all of my couples request a cute photo on this now famous bridge.

The grounds are just filled with beautiful photo opportunities ranging from bamboo forests to beautiful architecture and everything in between. If you’re lucky, you might even encounter one of the many resident peacocks that wander the property. Whether you’re looking to shoot in the Spring, Summer or Fall, Grounds for Sculpture is a perfect spot for an engagement shoot.

As a reminder, here are just a few reasons why Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, New Jersey is a perfect spot for your engagement session.

  • Unique sculptures and artwork nestled throughout their grounds
  • Gorgeous foliage, trees and flowers
  • Tons of open space for photographs
  • Very little crowds during the week (weekends can be busy during the summer months)
  • Gorgeous lighting at sunset
  • A large variety of environments to pose in
  • Perfect for engagement sessions all year long

To view real engagement sessions shot at The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, New Jersey please visit the following photo galleries.

Spring Engagement Session at Grounds for Sculpture
Cute Spring Time Engagement Photos at Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, NJ
Fall Engagement Shoot at The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, New Jersey

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Urban Engagement Sessions in Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken Engagement photos

Bride and groom kiss under the 150 years of Hoboken Mural Boyfriend and girlfriend stand together in front of the Manhattan Skyline NYC in the background engagement session

Another cute spot on my list is Hoboken, New Jersey. Filled with charm and a beautiful view of New York City, Hoboken is an ideal choice if you’re looking for some urban flare. A perfect place to start your hoboken engagement session is Pier A Park which is nestled right on the Hudson River giving you a perfect view of the Manhattan skyline. After shooting in Pier A Park, your next stop is to walk the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. This path is lined with beautiful trees, adorable park benches and plenty of photo worthy opportunities. Pier C Park is another great location for some beautiful hoboken engagement photographs and features gorgeous greenery, a popular water play area during the summer and a promenade which is perfect for strolling along hand in hand with your loved one.

Want to incorporate some old city charm into your engagement shoot? No problem! Many of my couples opt to shoot in front of Hoboken’s now famous 150 years of History Mural. A photograph of this very same mural is featured at the top of this writeup about Hoboken, New Jersey. If you’re feeling adventurous you could always end your shoot by taking the Hoboken Ferry across the Hudson River into Manhattan. The city lights at night are sure to impress.

If you’re looking for real engagement sessions from Hoboken, New Jersey please view the following galleries. In them you will find tons of hoboken sunset photographs, manhattan city skyline couples photos and much more to inspire your very first engagement session.

Summertime Engagement Session in Hoboken, NJ
Spring Engagement Session shot in Hoboken, New Jersey
Fall Engagement Shoot Photos in Hoboken, NJ
Cute, Candid Engagement Photoshoot in Hoboken, New Jersey

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Beach Engagement Shoot in Long Beach Island(LBI), New Jersey

Real Jersey Shore themed engagement session photographs

Beach couples shoot in LBI, New Jersey Beach engagement shoot in Long Beach Island, NJ

Every year for spring and summer, Long Beach Island or more commonly known as simply LBI, is one of the most popular destinations for beach engagement sessions in New Jersey. Long Beach Island is a very clean and very family oriented beach, making it ideal for photoshoots along the jersey shore. One of the island’s greatest benefits is that is has so many locations to offer and all within a very short driving distance of each other. The key to picking a unique beach engagement location in New Jersey is choosing a destination that has a variety of scenery to work with. LBI has cute homes up and down it’s coasts, the beautiful bay side of the island at sunset, the beach at sunrise and let’s not forget the island’s famous Barnegat Lighthouse. Long Beach Island also has it’s very own amusement park called Fantasy Island, which is located at 320 7th St, Beach Haven, NJ. The park is host to a ton of fun carnival games, lots of rides all lit up at night and an awesome indoor arcade. Not only that but during the summer months there is even an outdoor water park. Like I said before, this place has tons of photo opportunities for you and your fiance.

Want some old world fisherman charm to your photos? Tuckerton Seaport in Long Beach Island has everything you could ever desire. A 40-acre attraction that hosts fisherman’s ports, to cute little shops and restaurants and a generous amount of beautiful architecture. Tuckerton Seaport is even home to it’s own museum called Baymen’s Museum.

LBI, NJ is perfect for not only gorgeous beach sunset photos but sunrise as well. Whether you’re a morning person or an adventurous night owl, LBI can accommodate you and your fiance for any type of engagement session.

Beach engagement session in LBI? No problem! Here is a short list of everything you can expect during your shoot.

  • Stunning light at sunset or sunrise
  • Beautiful clean beaches
  • Old world charm up and down the island of LBI
  • Very little crowds during the week (weekends can be very busy during the summer months)
  • On-site carnival, waterpark and arcade
  • Cute storefronts up and down the coast
  • Perfect for engagement sessions during spring, summer and fall

No matter what you’re after for your beach engagement session, LBI has it all. To view real beach engagement sessions in Long Beach Island, New Jersey please visit the following photo galleries.

Summer Engagement Shoot in LBI, New Jersey
Cute Beach Photos in Long Beach Island, NJ
Beach Engagement Session LBI

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Frenchtown, New Jersey Engagement Shoot

Real engagement photos from Frenchtown, NJ

engagement session pose frenchtown bridge new jersey engagement couple hugging at sunset under the bridge in frenchtown new jersey

Historic Frenchtown, New Jersey Engagements

Every year the cute town of Frenchtown continues to be a popular spot for an engagement session in Central New Jersey. Situated right on the Delaware River in Hunterdon County and home to the historic Delaware river bridge, Frenchtown offers couples unique settings, beautiful views, shops, gorgeous architecture and plenty of wide open spaces.

Perfectly situated for photographs on the Delaware River, the historic Delaware River bridge connects Frenchtown, New Jersey with Pennsylvania’s Uhlerstown in Tinicum Township, Bucks County. This bridge is a very popular spot for engagement photos, particularly at sunset when the sky is at it’s most beautiful and the sun is simply bathing the bridge in gorgeous golden light. If you have ever visited the town of Frenchtown, then you will realize why this is such a popular spot for engagement shoots.

Frenchtown has numerous streets all lined with cute little store fronts which make the perfect backdrop for any type of engagement photo in New Jersey. Not only are there countless shops, but beautiful architecture and gorgeous trees and bushes all along the sidewalks. This kind of scenery is ideal for couples to walk hand in down for some adorable engagement pics.

Here are just a few reasons to consider Frenchtown for your engagement session in New Jersey:

  • Beautiful historic architecture
  • Delaware River Bridge (especially at sunset!)
  • Cute streets with adorable store fronts
  • Perfectly landscaped bushes and trees line every sidewalk
  • Plenty of wide open space all along the Delaware River
  • A great spot for sunset photographs on the Delaware River
  • Frenchtown is very open to professional engagement photographs from New Jersey (no need for a photographer permit)

To view real engagement session photos from Frenchtown, New Jersey please visit the following galleries:

Frenchtown NJ real engagement session
Frenchtown Engagement Pics
Frenchtown, NJ Engagement Shoot
Engagement session Frenchtown NJ

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Asbury Park, New Jersey Engagement Session

Real engagement pics from Asbury Park Beach

bride and groom in love at Asbury Park beach engagement shoot photos Couple poses for engagement session pics in Asbury Park Beach

Situated in Monmouth County, Asbury Park NJ is the perfect location if you’re looking to shoot a unique beach engagement session in New Jersey. Home to the historic Stone Pony night club, Asbury Park is filled with old school charm and new school upgrades and amenities. With miles of perfect beaches, a trendy boardwalk filled with shops, restaurants and bars, this spot on the Jersey Shore is sure to make for some amazing beach engagement pics.

Perfect for both sunset and sunrise beach engagement photos, Asbury Park has been a popular spot for couples looking for a summer photo shoot. With plenty of cute local shops, restaurants to feed your hunger and unique bars to quench your thirst, Asbury Park should be high on your list when it comes to picking the perfect beach. The boardwalk is a great place for all kinds of unique photos with your loved one. Palm trees, cute benches, adorable store fronts all with the beautiful New Jersey beach as your backdrop. What more could you ask for? Asbury Park is also very accepting of photo shoots. No need for a permit when you come to shoot here!

Here are just a few reasons why Asbury Park is the ideal spot for an engagement session at the Jersey Shore:

  • Perfect for sunrise or sunset beach photos
  • Plenty of wide open spaces to walk hand in hand with your loved one
  • Cute shops, clean boardwalk and tons of historic architecture/buildings
  • No need for a permit!
  • No crowd during the week (Weekends in the summer can get busy, so plan your beach engagement shoot accordingly
  • Restaurants and bars are also open to photography
  • Home to the historic Palace Merry Go Round and The Stone Pony Rock and Roll Club

To view real beach engagement photos from Asbury Park at the Jersey Shore please visit the following galleries:

Beach Engagement Session in Asbury Park NJ
Sunset Beach Engagement Pics Asbury Park New Jersey

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Seaside Heights, New Jersey Engagement Session

Seaside Heights Beach Engagement Photos at The Jersey Shore

Engagement photo on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights New Jersey Seaside Heights Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk engagement session

Located in Ocean County, New Jersey, Seaside Heights is a popular destination for summer engagement sessions. Featuring numerous clubs, bars, restaurants and amusement-oriented boardwalk and miles of beautiful beaches, Seaside Heights should definitely be on your list if you’re thinking about having your engagement session at the Jersey Shore.

Two popular photo shoot locations at Seaside Heights NJ are the Casino Pier and Funtown Pier. These fun filled amusement parks provide the perfect colorful backdrop for Jersey Shore engagement photos. Each of these two piers stretch over 2 miles long and offer numerous attractions which include arcades, numerous carnival games and a large variety of food and desserts to share with your loved one. The Seaside Heights boardwalk even features it’s own waterpark, named Breakwater Beach.

If you’re a fan of “reality tv” then you probably already know that Seaside Heights was the setting for the first, third and fifth seasons of the hit MTV reality show Jersey Shore. A show about a group of 20 something year old friends pretending to be Italian while also simultaneously pretending to have brain cells.

Overall, Seaside Heights is a joy to shoot. The boardwalk and beach are perfect for sunrise or sunset photographs, the streets all have that super cute beach vide and there are plenty of hidden gems to be found.

Here is a short list of what makes Seaside Heights a great place for a shore engagement shoot:

  • Perfect for sunrise and sunset beach photographs at the jersey shore
  • Beautiful boardwalk complete with carnival games and rides for all ages
  • Miles of beautiful beaches
  • Colorful buildings all down the boardwalk complete with historic architecture
  • Only an hour and a half drive from NYC
  • The bay side is gorgeous for nighttime engagement photos
  • Not overly crowded during the week
  • Very photographer friendly policy

Interested in looking through a real engagement session in Seaside Heights New Jersey? Please view the following gallery.
Real Engagement Photos Down the Shore at Seaside Heights New Jersey

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Long Branch, New Jersey Beach Engagement Shoot

Engagement photographer from Long Branch, NJ

Couple posing on beach long branch engagement session new jersey couple kissing on beach in long branch new jersey engagement photo shoot photographer

Located in Monmouth County, Long Branch, New Jersey is a very up and coming Jersey Shore destination. Filled with newly constructed restaurants, a gorgeous mile long beach, shops, bars, nightclubs, hotels and condiminiums and let’s not forget plenty of beautiful photo opportunities. If you’re looking for a more upscale feel to your engagement session photos, than Long Branch should definitely be on your list.

Situated right on the beach, the boardwalk at Long Branch is jam packed with high end restaurants, beautiful foliage, palm trees, cute white benches and easy access to the gorgeous beach. Perfect for sunrise or sunset photographs. One of the easiest photographs to capture is you and your fiance walking together hand in hand. Long Branch’s boardwalk is perfect for this kind of image. Another cute photo idea is to stop off at one of Long Branch’s many ice cream shops and enjoy something icy with your lover.

During the summer there are numerous outdoor food festivals, outdoor rock concerts and on several Saturday nights you can catch the area’s own fireworks display.

Here is a small list of what makes Long Branch a beautiful spot for a jersey shore engagement session:

  • High end look and feel to your surroundings
  • Beautiful clean beaches
  • Gorgeous foliage and palm trees line the boardwalks
  • Cute store fronts and shops to pose in front of
  • Plenty of parking
  • Professional photographs is welcome at Long Branch (no permit required)
  • Not overly crowded which makes it easy to take photographs
  • Only an hour drive from many Central Jersey locations
  • Perfect for sunrise and sunset photographs

Do you love the high end feel of Long Branch, New Jersey? Want a jersey shore engagement shoot?
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