Located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey RYAN SANDS PHOTOGRAPHY

Stockton Inn Wedding • Stockton, New Jersey • Jeanhee & Steven

A beautiful fall wedding at The Stockton Inn.

The Stockton Inn in Stockton, New Jersey is a beautiful little venue, perfect for a more intimate wedding and reception. I’ve photographed numerous weddings at this venue so when Jeanhee and Steve told me that their wedding and reception were to take place there I was very excited. The couple prepared for their wedding day in two separate rooms at The Stockton Inn. It’s always nice when couple get ready and married all at one location. It helps alleviate the stress of travel time during the day and gives the couple a bit more time to relax before their wedding day.

stockton_inn_wedding01Photographing Steve was quite simple. The Stockton Inn has beautiful hotel rooms. All that was needed was one simple window providing a generous amount of soft, flattering light. I also like to turn off any other lights in the room. I do this for two reasons. One is to simplify my lighting by only having to deal with one light source, my window. Second is to not mix color temperatures. Window light photographs quite blue, while interior light bulbs photograph quite orange.
stockton_inn_wedding02In order to give Steve’s frame a more powerful feel, I bent down slightly and photographed his tie from below.
stockton_inn_wedding03Family interaction is always important to capture on the morning of a wedding day.
stockton_inn_wedding04For all of my bridal portraits I use simple soft window light and shallow depth of field.
stockton_inn_wedding05Jeanhee could not stop smiling during her wedding ceremony. The Stockton Inn has a gorgeous outdoor ceremony space, completely sheltered and covered from any type of inclement weather.
stockton_inn_wedding06For this kiss shot I was able to position myself behind the couple and also showcase the reaction of their friends and family.
stockton_inn_wedding07Here I placed my couple to the far right of my frame. The lines of the home behind them act as leading lines, pointing your eyes towards the couple.
stockton_inn_wedding08I almost always use my Canon 70-200 for all couple’s portraits. This gives me the ability to be far enough away from my couple, giving them some space to relax together.
stockton_inn_wedding09Even though the sun was setting and there was direct light bursting through the trees it was actually quite easy to photograph Jeanhee and Steve. I simply found an even patch of shade to place them in.
stockton_inn_wedding10After their couple’s portraits were finished, we walked back towards the Stockton Inn. “Walking” shots are very easy. I ran way ahead of my couple so that I had an adequate amount of time to photograph them. I caught them just at the right spot.